• Bath, York, And Liverpool - The Top 3 Cities In England Besides London

    You are planning to go to England. Perhaps you and your friends decide not to go to London because you might have visited the city many times. Now, you are open to other ideas, right? Consider to visit these 3 cities: Liverpool, York, and Bath. The reason is pretty simple. All of them have the attractions that you can hardly resist. So, let’s just go straightforward to the discussion.


    Liverpool has a lot to offer from shopping areas, historical structures, entertainments, as well as beach. Liverpool is a perfect destination for group of friends and family for those reasons. Now, let's see the things to do in Liverpool.

    Liverpool One

    It is often spotted in the mass media because of the place’s offers. For a perfect day out with family, or the party preparation with your friends, Liverpool One is the top spot to enjoy the shopping experience. It boasts the large shopping area wherein all the visitors can enjoy the time to look at the fantastic items with friendly price. Not to mention that everyone can wrap up the travel by trying a bit or two in the well-known restaurants in the Liverpool One. If you are wondering about what to do in Liverpool to kill your spare time, it is definitely the place to do so.

    Liverpool Cathedral

    It is the unique Liverpool Attraction that you don’t want to miss. It is by far the largest cathedral in the UK and the fifth largest cathedral in the world. Has been used as the center of worship, celebration and learning, it aims to preserve the belief in Christianity by welcoming the visitors from anywhere in the world.

    The Beatles Story

    As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the most iconic pop rock band in the UK and the world. The Beatles Story will get you the insight into the band and follow their journey from the start to their most current time.


    York is the hub of distinct historical, cultural and attractions in the UK. York has dozens of appealing sites to offer to the visitors. Below you can see the list of York Attractions that you can enjoy with your entourage, family, or friends.

    Clifford’s Tower

    Clifford’s Tower is not a single standalone tower. Rather it is the complex of the law courts, prison, and castles. Not to mention that there are also well-preserved buildings in the area for a long term tour with your group. The historical building was established in the reign of Henry II. It also showcases the York Castle which was built by the William the Conqueror. It is indeed astonishing structure which you can’t afford to miss.

    York Minster

    It is one of the most prominent cathedrals in the world not only because of the size, but also the historical value consisted in the structure. It has been used for worshipping, learning and working. It welcomes the public for years. The place also hosts several events and concerts. If you visit in the right time, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the spectacle.

    York Dungeon

    York Dungeon is one of the most thrilling York Attraction that will inspire you about this city in more historical aspect. It involves the 75 minute of interesting journey to recognize the 2,000 years old of the Yorkshire history. It creates such spectacular experience for the tourists with its great casts, effects, stages, and screens.

    National Railway Museum

    It is considered as the greatest railway museum in the world. You and your entourage can enjoy abundant amount of different objects showcased in the museum. It is also the spot to host the Japanese Bullet Train outside of Japan. It also have abundant fun activities for children. It is a perfect place to visit with your family with kids. Definitely one of the top things to do in York.


    Bath has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. So, if you haven’t come to the city, consider to go there this year. Here are the Bath Attractions that you could consider with your friends and entourage.

    Royal Crescent

    it is half-moon stretched structures which are iconic in Bath. When you think about Bath, you will see the Royal Crescent in your mind. Take a stroll in the structures and enjoy your time there. It will also give you the opportunity to take some photos there. Consider this for your portfolio photos as well.

    Victoria Park

    The Victoria Park is an astonishing area which can pamper every visitor’s eyes who come to the location. The ornamented architecture of the Royal Crescent Sits the Royal Victoria Park. That’s why when it comes to Bath Attraction, you can’t set the Royal Crescent apart from the Victoria Park. The location is a very great for a picnic. It is best move to ask your family  with kids there.


    Take a stroll to the canal. The canal is also surrounded with the interesting pubs. You will see plenty bikers and pedestrians go there, thanks to the restoration back then.

    Try Bath Ales

    When it comes to the things to do in Bath, you can’t exclude Bath Ales in your list.  The brewery is worth visiting because it serves award-winning ales. You could sample there and purchase some if you want to.


    The Circus is the small central greenhouses.Its pillars are the best to represent the Roman Colosseum classical style. However, the overall setting is Georgian, British. The Circus is designed to symbolize the sun and the moon and from the air.


    You could also observe the Abbey as part of the things to do in this amazing city. The Abbey Church yard is one of the things that you don’t want to miss. The warm, honey-coloured Bath stone, the building is the cool characteristic to aspire. The distinctive features of the building is the main factor why the Abbey is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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