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    Beirut is the capital and the largest city in Lebanon. If you are to visit this beautiful country, Beirut is one of the places that you need to go. There are many tourist attractions such as the grand mosques and the beautiful museum. A trip to Beirut gives you a cultural, historical and entertaining experience. If all this is at stake, you need to find the best hotel deals Beirut so you can maximize on your visit.


    One of the surest ways to find the best deals is to look into it beforehand. A last minute booking limits the options that you have. Early booking ensures that you get the best hotels Beirut and find unoccupied rooms in time for your trip. Some of the best hotels include:


    Le Commodore Hotel

    Located on Commodore Street in Beirut, Le Commodore Hotel has a 3.5-star rating. The service is standard and satisfactory plus you get value for your money’s worth. You should consider it before you book hotel Beirut because of its location. It is near Planet Discovery, Saint Lois Church of the Capucins, Place des Martyrs and the Clock Tower among many other tourist attractions. You can therefore easily make a stopover in any of these places even if yours is a short visit.


    Crowne Plaza Hotel Beirut

    Crowne Plaza is known for its sophistication and great service all over the world. Nothing less is to be expected from the hotel in Beirut as well. Visitors who have stayed there, before, give the hotel, a four-star rating which is above average. It is not one of the cheapest hotels in Beirut, but it is worth the amount spent. Its location is also another selling point. It provides easy access to the Clock Tower, Lebanese Prehistory Museum, Cardo Maximus, Riad el-Solh Statue and Place des Martyrs.


    Moevenpick Hotel and Resort Beirut

    The direct access to the sea makes this resort one of the best hotels Beirut. You get the best of Beirut as well as access to sun and sand. At 4.1 stars out of a possible 5, this hotel and resort is worth the stay. From the location, you can easily access Our Lady of Lebanon Harissa, MIM Beirut, Martyrs’ Square, Moussa Castle and the Royal Tombs. You can, therefore, visit these sites and still find time to soak up the sun and take a swim no matter how short your visit.


    Beirut is a beautiful place that has a lot to offer. You should look at the prices of various hotels before you book hotel Beirut. Starting the process in advance has its own advantages. The major one is that you will be able to come up with a plan and start saving early.


    When you have a considerable amount saved before your trip, you can get a good hotel. Afterwards, you can use the rest of your resources seeing the sites, sampling the cuisine and engaging in different activities indigenous to Beirut.

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