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    Mallorca is known for its sandy beaches, nightlife, Roman, and Moorish remains. This island in Spain is a popular tourist attraction. In order to enjoy your visit, you have to book one of the best hotels Mallorca. You should be able to put your feet up at the end every day and enjoy some quiet and rest.


    If you would like to see all there is to see and do all there is to do then you need to have someone who will direct you to the right places. You, therefore, would look into hotel deals Mallorca that come with a tour guide. Reading through reviews will also help you to ascertain which hotel has friendly staff. These people would be in a position to recommend some sites assuming you don’t get a tour guide.


    Some of the hotels in Mallorca to consider are:


    Gran Hotel Soller

    This hotel is on the West Coast of Spain. It has good reviews and a 4.6 star-rating. The interior is fascinating, maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Although not the cheapest in Mallorca, the Gran Hotel Soller offers access to Puig de la Calma, Pic de Nuria and Les Gorges de la Fou among other attractions. This is one of the best hotels Mallorca.


    The St Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort Calvia

    Apart from its 4.6-star rating, St. Regis Mardavall hotel is near the ocean. This makes it popular because one has access to monuments and historic buildings as well as the ocean. It is in close proximity to Serre de la Gars, Mont Capell, and Montfalgars. If you plan your trip properly, even if it is short-lived, you can still see most of the sites and relax as well. It is one of the popular hotels in Mallorca and you are assured of value for your money.


    Melia de Mar Hotel

    This is one of the best hotels in Mallorca. It has access to the beach and has a high rating, 4.6 stars. The establishment is clean and has friendly service from staff. It is conveniently located if you would also like to visit La Redoute, Cim de Portavella, and Mont Negre. This is because the hotel is close to numerous tourist attractions in the area.


    You get better rates when you book hotel Mallorca for a number of days. The longer the duration, the better the rates you can get. However, you should also know that you do not have to stay in one hotel all through. You can choose to split the stay among hotels depending on the length of your stay and the sites that you plan on visiting.


    You can look for hotel deals Mallorca that cater for transfers and partnerships between hotels. For such arrangements, it would be more efficient to contract a company that deals with tours and travel as they cater for all the logistics. While the latter might help you maximize on your visit, it will probably cost you more as well.

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