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    Fitness is the first facility to offer FitRan training and grading in South Australia.  This system has been developed in the US and is now active and growing fast around the world. Fitranx Rank Level ChartWith all the benefits of Crossfit, without the same potential for injury.

    If you’ve tried to get fit, lose weight or reach sporting goals without success, we strongly suggest you take a look at group training and the FitRanX™ system. Not only is it addictive and rewarding, but you will legitimately be able to measurably compare your strength and fitness level with people from across the globe and see your name ranked online against thousands of others on the same road to fitness as you.

    At BodySmith Fitness we also offer a range of extra services you don’t normally find in a fitness centre, such as traditional Shotokan Karate in Adelaide.

    Under the guidance of the JKA Karate Adelaide, members can gain skills, achieve belts, learn self defence and potentially even compete in karate tournaments as a sport.  Fantastic for building confidence, strength and coordination, self discipline and self defence classes Adelaide.

    In the BodySmith Dojo we also offer Karate for kids.  This is traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate with our parent organisation headquartered in Tokyo.

    Under the guidance of the Japan Karate Association Adelaide, children’s classes begin from around 8 years of age and class times can be found HERE on our timetable.

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