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    There are many types of bras available in the market such as wired, non-wired, padded, non-padded, net bras, and much more. Along with the type, many brands are out there that manufacture various types of bras in different colors, designs, shapes, and fittings. Lovable is one such bra that is well-known in India and abroad. You can buy Lovable Bras online very easily, as many online sellers that deal in undergarments online have a good stock of lovable lingerie sets that include bras and panties.


    So, here the concern is actually not the brand or the type of the bra, but the size of the bra. If you wear a bra that is right on your breast, then it may result in several health issues. Let’s have a look at the ill effects of wrong size bra.


    After reading the ill effects, buy Lovable bras or bras of any other good brand with a perfect size.


    Breast shape

    If you have a good shape, you may not want to destroy that. Then why do you wear a loose bra? Even a single size bigger bra can make your breast shagging, and in the long term, it can result into the shapeless breast. So always wear a bra that is perfect in shape.


    Pain in your breast

    If you want to make your breasts look tight and in a perfect shape, then try different methods like wearing a padded bra or use cups rather than wearing tight bras. Many women who have loose breast do wear a size smaller than the actual size, which in long turn results in a backache and breast pain. So, avoid it, the next time when you buy Lovable bras online or any other brand then buy a bra in the proper size.


    Breast Cancer

    Believe it or not, but bras that are tight may impact the oxygen and blood flow to tissues. And, you know the lack of blood flow may cause breast cancer as the proper amount of oxygen is not supplied to the tissues. Try to buy bras of known brands as the colors used in bras or any other clothes may be of low quality. You can buy Lovable bras or zivame bras online as these are the good brands.


    Neck and shoulder pain

    Bras with tight straps may result in shoulder and neck pain. On a long run, this strain may lead to severe pain. It is advisable that women with dense breast should always wear bras of broad strapped so that it can ease the pressure on the shoulder and the neck.


    So, these are the ill impact of wearing a wrong bra. You can avoid these health issues if you buy Lovable bras online of the correct size and fit. You may also bra bras of zivame, triumph, Amante, or any other brand, but do not wear bras with the wrong size.

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