• Complete Security Camera System

    Having a complete security coverage of your residential or commercial area is very paramount. Modern CCTV cameras are made to provide 24-hour surveillance of your place while giving you all-time security updates. When installing the cameras, you need to choose the fundamental places where intrusion is most likely going to occur. You can choose the 4, 8 or 16 channel systems depending on how big your place to be covered is. The 2.4MP cameras deliver HD 1080p images that are very clear for easy facial identification. Complete Security Camera System for your place should be of good quality to ensure that they efficiently serve you.


    Features of the Cameras


    The cameras come with an inbuilt movement detection system that works to ensure that any unnecessary motion is detected. To ensure that the Complete Security Camera System work perfectly, the cameras are made weatherproof so that they work efficiently whether it is raining, drizzling or sunny. The cameras have the ability to cover a wide angle range so that your place is covered with as few cameras as possible. To avoid the cameras from being easily identified, they can be masked without compromising their effectiveness thereby making them to work without being noticed by intruders.


    Easy Operation


    You can integrate your Complete Security Camera System to your devices like mobile phone and other gadgets so that you easily switch on and off whenever you want. You can view the footages from any place of the world you are in and for quick updates, you would be provided with email alerts anytime a security issue is detected. The system can record every occurrence giving you complete autonomy as to whether you want to view recorded events or live events. For all-time viewing, the cameras can capture both day and night occurrences.


    Technical Features of the Cameras

    There are audio channels which work to record any voice that the intruders could have made.VGA, HDMI AND Composite Video Outputs meaning you can use any kind of device to collect your videos from the recordings that have been done. The system comes with bullet cameras, or Dome shaped cameras, cables, and channel power supply to ensure that installation is easy and quick. Besides all these, you would be entitled to a lifetime technical support and a warrant of 2 years to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted coverage for premium security surveillance.


    There is nothing good like having a complete surveillance of your home or commercial place both in door and outdoors because you would be sure that no intrusion can occur without you knowing. Every camera system is tested for quality and performance before being installed in your place to ensure that there is maximum surveillance. For More Information Visit http://shop.ellipsesecurity.net/category.sc?categoryId=8


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