• Four Tips For Designing Wood Decks

    Wood Decks have become a popular addition to homes all over the world. There are various styles of wood decks on the market, which can make it difficult to find the right style of deck for your home. Here are some tips to help you design the best wood deck for your home and lifestyle.


    1. Plan around the Way that You Live


    Before you start looking at designs for Wood Decks, you should make a list of activities that you will be doing on the deck. You should also think about what you do in your yard and determine how much room that you need for those activities. If you have plans for your yard, like adding a swimming pool or a garden, you should think about how much room they will need and how much room you have left for a deck.


    2. Pick Materials that will be used in Your Deck


    While the main part of the deck is made from wood, you will need to think about what the railing, steps, and even the skirt will be made from. Finishing products like sealers and paint will also need to be picked out before you start having the deck built. The materials that you pick will affect how the decking will be cared for and how much maintenance that your deck will require. Most wood decks will need to be pressure-washed and resealed every year. If you do not seal your deck, then it will take bi-monthly or monthly maintenance.


    3. Divide the areas


    When you are designing your deck, you should take the time to plan out where items are going to be placed. This is very important for areas that are going to have fire or cooking equipment and pools. These areas will need to be more durable and have special sealers used to protect the wood. You can add the sealers later on, but the amount of space needed may not be there once the deck is built.


    4. Where are the Doors and Stairs?


    During the planning phase, you should think about where your doors are located. This is important because you want to have room to open and walk out the door. Many times, stairs could be required, along with a railing, and a gate. This will take more planning because you need to think about both the items on the deck and in your backyard.


    With the growing number of styles and designs for wood decks, it can be overwhelming to plan a new deck. So, taking the time to design and plan your wooden deck can help make sure you get the deck that your home needs, which you can use.

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