• Giving Your Business The Right Exposure With Bulk SMS Nigeria

    When you have a large client base, it can be time and energy consuming reaching out to each and every one of them. Remember that communication is an important aspect in life. Whether you need to communicate about a new product or an ongoing promotion, you can do so by use of Bulk SMS Nigeria.


    Why Choose Bulk SMS Nigeria


    This platform gives any business the much exposure at an affordable price. You do not have to break the bank to reach out to thousands of customers often. There are varieties of packages that you can choose from depending on how much you can afford.


    Varieties of Packages to Choose from


    What makes the bulk SMS Nigeria even better is the options that you get. There are several attractive packages that you can choose from once you create a free account. Whether you are a reseller or a user, you can get the most affordable bulk sms for your use. While for normal users you get a minimum of 1000 sms at 0.93 each, it’s different with the VIP membership that gives you a minimum of 500 sms at 0.85 each. This is how flexible it gets with customized packages.


    Various Payment Options for Bulk SMS Nigeria


    Affordability is very important besides the exposure that this platform gives your business. You do not have to worry about how you will make payments for your Bulk SMS Service as there are flexible options. Although mobile money transfer is not possible, you can opt for ATM and internet banking transfer as well as cash deposits.


    The Sms Platform Gives your Business the Right Exposure

    Your business needs the right exposure, and this is not possible unless you reach as many potential customers as possible. Delivering many messages as first as possible and reaching out to a wide base, bulk SMS Nigeria gives your business the exposure that it needs most. It’s the most affordable exposure that you can get.


    Bulk SMS Nigeria Sent with your Signature


    It is important for potential clients to know where a message is coming from and this is possible with bulk SMS Nigeria. Once you create your free account, you can add your signature so that every sms that you send shows the signature.


    Pay as Per Usage


    There is no fixed amount for all packages despite the characters in a page being fixed. The rates are calculated as per each sms page, and you pay as per your usage.


    It is always important for your business to be exposed in the way that it will bring revenue. The right exposure does not only reach potential customers, but it is affordable and fast. This is what has made bulk SMS Nigeria a great option. There are customized packages so that you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with. The payment options are also flexible meaning you can do it from wherever you are.


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