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    Krakow is one of the most visited cities in Poland because it offers many historical locations and a unique city life. Hotels in Krakow are most times completely booked during the peak season. This means that you should book hotel Krakow early to make sure that you have a room. Hotel deals Krakow is limited to times that are not busy or for last minute bookings. Here are some of the best hotels Krakow to stay at.


    1. The Bonerowski Palace

    The Bonerowski Palace was made from a historic building that’s origin can be traced to the 13th century. Today, the building is the home of a five-star hotel. The hotel’s style is a mixture of Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic styles. The building has seen additions since the 13th century, so you can see the different ages of the building. The hotel offers all the modern comforts and technology so you can enjoy your stay. The hotel’s restaurants also serve food from all over the world.


    2. Venetian House Aparthotel

    The Venetian House Aparthotel is located right in the Old Town Square, which makes it a great option for people who want to explore the city. The hotel is based out of a 16th-century house that has been completely renovated on the inside. There are 28 studio and one-bedroom apartments that are available, which have amazing views of the town square. All the rooms are comfortable and are at decent price. There is also free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, which makes the Polish summer sufferable.


    3. Hotel Stary

    The Hotel Stary won the first prize in the Prix Villegiature, which is awarded to the most beautiful interior designed hotel in Europe. This five-star hotel is six stories, and there are rooms located in two different parts of the building. Each level of the hotel has its own unique color scheme. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a spa, and a rooftop bar.


    4. Topolowa Residence

    The Topolowa is a small hotel, but it offers some of the best visitor experiences in the city. The rooms are decorated in retro-style, and the hotel’s staff is also very friendly and helpful. There is a large breakfast buffet for the hotel guests to enjoy. Many of the city sights are within just a few minutes’ walk, and there are bus and train stations nearby.


    5. Crystal Suites

    Crystal Suites is a three-star hotel, so it is one of the best hotels Krakow at an affordable price point. The hotel is just a few minutes outside of the city’s center and is located in one of the quietest neighborhoods. There are many shops and restaurants nearby that are popular with the locals.


    There are many other hotels in Krakow that you can stay at. The best hotel option for you will depend on what you are a planning to do during your visit and what amenities you need from the hotel. There are hotels in Krakow at all price points, which almost makes up for the small amount of hotel deals Krakow available.

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