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    The city of Rome is known for its contrasting side particularly in the hotel industry; one area is sprawling with high-end, luxurious and expensive hotels and the other side is filled with budget-friendly hotels that will not provide you with the comfort that you need. Most recently, the country has generated the range of accommodations that you will expect in the major destinations in other parts of the world.  The popularity of the city has made a huge impact on the average rates of the hotels in Rome. But still, the existing rate is considerably expensive compared to the other European cities. 


    Booking Hotels in Rome

    The rate of accommodation may not come cheap even with hotel deals Rome may have dramatically enhanced its hotel industry, but the cost of upgrade particularly in the part of the mid-range of hotel has translated into the excessive cost of lodging. We recommend you to always inquire in advance when you are planning to book hotel Rome hotel availability is in short supply especially during the month of April to December; the winter season January-March is a low season. During the major event such as Christmas season, we recommend you to book months in advance when you are choosing the best hotels Rome also offers booking through the hotel website which is more convenient.


    When you are booking online, you will be instructed to fax the confirmation of your booking. You will also be obliged to send your credit card information for the deposit. During the peak season, the smaller hotels in Rome will asked you for money order to successfully secure your lodging.


    Average Prices of Best Hotels

    Rome hotels are categorized based on the star-system. The one-star hotels in Rome will relate to the pensioni; these are budget-friendly hotels that have few facilities. There is a great chance that you will be compelled to share a bathroom to the other lodgers. More stars indicated usually means that there are more facilities that you can expect. But it does not necessarily translate to the optimal customer service, courtesy, and decency of the staffs providing the hotel service.


    A one-star hotel has an average price range of $50-$100 while the 5-star hotels in Rome will start at $300 and can increase unpredictably. There are hotels for budget travelers that are offering double rooms. The average price can increase at approximately 10% annually. We recommend you to be alert during the low season for the amazing hotel deals. Rome travelers who are planning to stay for an extensive period should also ask if the hotel is offering a discount.


    There are lots of ideal places to stay in Rome. For a convenient transportation, you may want to consider the hotels near the Termini Station. For people who are staying for only a few days, choose the area around the Centro Storico. For people who want to experience the luxurious and elegant hotels in Rome, the area around Via Veneto and Tridente are some of the best location. For additional information about the best hotels, do not hesitate to contact the people behind Tourist Tube.

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