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    Most of the best hotels Saint Petersburg are not cheap, and the rooms fill up quickly, especially during the summer and White Nights. One of the best ways of saving money on accommodations is to take advantage of hotel deals Saint Petersburg. Here are some tips to book hotel Saint Petersburg.


    1. Check the Hotel Rates

    The hotels in Saint Petersburg have some of the highest rates in Europe. While the cost is not as high as Moscow and London, the cost is around the same as Rome and Paris. The rooms are also smaller than many other destinations. There are hotels that offer cheaper rates, but these hotels are lower quality or in less than great locations.


    2. Are Your Dates Available

    When you are planning to travel to the area, you should book hotel Saint Petersburg a few weeks before your visit. This will provide you with the largest choice of hotels in Saint Petersburg. However, if you are planning to visit during the White Nights, you should book your hotel at least 2 months in advance, so you can be sure you have a room.


    3. What Languages do the Staff Speak?

    Today, Russian schools have started to improve and are teaching other foreign languages. At the moment, most of the people who live in Saint Petersburg do not speak English or other languages at the useful level. There are some luxury hotels that will have staff who speak good English, but most hotels do not have staffs who speak English at all.


    4. Water and Refreshment

    All four and five-star hotels are now required to have filters and other technology installed by the Russian Ministry of Tourism. This is to help make sure that the tap water is drinkable, but there is no known level of compliance. It is recommended that you drink bottled water when you can. The tap water in Saint Petersburg is safe for brushing teeth, washing, boiling, etc.


    At most hotels in the city, bottled water is free of charge, but it is most times only free for the first day of your stay. You should avoid taking items out of the mini-bar as the cost is very expensive like most other places in the world. However, this is not a huge problem since most hotels are within a few minute walk of a convenience store or café. 


    5. Internet

    While most of the independent hotels in Saint Petersburg now offer free Wi-Fi, many larger hotels still charge for Internet service that can cost up to $30 a day. The Wi-Fi is also patchy in most hotels, so you may not be able to use the Internet at times. If you need high-speed Internet during your stay, you should ask about the internet service when booking.


    Hotels in Saint Petersburg can be very expensive, but they do not need to be. There are many hotel deals Saint Petersburg that you can take advantage of to cut down the cost of your trip.

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