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    Since mobile phones have started coming with advanced cameras, people are capturing more photos. There was a time when people used to carry bulky cameras with them to capture photos at different occasions, but now they do not need to take any camera explicitly. With the rear camera in their smartphone, they can capture HQ photos similar to a professional camera. With this nice feature of the smartphone, there comes a fear of photos loss as well. And, at that time Kernel Data Recovery software can be a big help, as it recovers lost photos from microSD card, pen drive, hard disk drive, network drive, and other storage devices.



    A data recovery software is a paid tool that can help you recover your lost memories for some price. The cost starts at $30 USD for the software and goes up to a few hundred USDs based on the license that you will select; hence, it is recommended that you use Kernel Data Recovery software Coupons to get some extra discounts on the MRP of the software. Via working Kernel data recovery coupon codes, you can save up to 60% on its cost. So, it can be a great deal indeed as you will get the lost data back plus saving of real money too.


    When may you need to use a professional data recovery software?

    As you know a microSD card is susceptible to damage due to many reasons, you should always be ready to deal with a situation in which you have all your memorable photos stored in it. And, one day, when you look into the gallery, it has nothing to show you. At that time, you need the help of a professional tool to recover your lost photos.


    How Can Kernel Data Recovery Software help recover lost photos?

    When you face such an issue, we suggest you to,

    1. Restart your phone, and see if the problem has been fixed. Yes, in some cases, the issues are fixed with the phone reboot.
    2. Pull out the memory card and reinsert it. It works in cases the memory card had been misplaced due to any reason.
    3. If none of the above solutions works, then you are left with only one solution i.e. using software that can recover data from microSD card as well.


    In this case, you can use Kernel Data Recovery software Coupons to purchase the software. Once you have purchased the software, install it on your PC and launch it. After the software has been started, attach microSD card to your PC via a reader, and now go to the data recovery software and select it.


    After selecting the card, start the recovery process. This is how you can recover lost photos from your microSD card. While it is a good process, we suggest you always to use Kernel data recovery coupon codes to save some extra bucks while purchasing the software.

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