• Know The Consequences Of Using Fake Drivers Licence

    A lot of people are intended to have fake driving licence, but they don’t know that they can easily be trapped and can’t get out from the same so easily. It is true that owning a fake ID means you are committing criminal offences as you are carrying out or showing false identity document.

    A lot of people use it up for establishing personal information about themselves, it will allow them to use that personal information for cheating people, to establish or verify personal information about you or others. You should know that it is a criminal offence and it will fall you in a category of fraud where punishment is something you will get. Using fake driving licence means you are pretending to be what you are not and you are someone else is actually fraud and if you do this to obtain credit the situation gets very much worse. It will be hard for you as you can have up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine.

    Aside this, if you are thinking about fake UK licence, there can be various reasons why you are doing so and they are- You are unqualified or you are not fit to drive and still you want to drive. This is the most common situation and people who are disqualified or not so fit; they are looking forward to have fake licence. Apart from this, if you are uninsured or your have an insurance which is void or if you have an accident or you are facing a claim for money to cover any injury or damage you have caused for all of them people use fake licence. You should know that if you are able to provide proof of your identity using documents such as driving licences, passports and identity cards, they all are vital. But, it is very unfortunate that it is all too easy to buy fake ID documents and, those who sell them may want you to believe, using completely fake identity documents will look genuine.

    It is important to know that if you will carry fake UK driving licence, as per the under section 3 of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, you can get severe punishment. If you know or believe your ID is false and use it with the intention of getting somebody to accept it as a genuine document then you will be convicted. You will be acting like a fraud if you try to use the fake ID and this Offence relating to possessing and using identity documents may put you in danger. Using UK fake licence and being convicted of a criminal offence will have a massive impact on your life. Your record will be there forever as well as there are other various things you will surely need to face, which may affect your dignity and character.

    So, if you are planning to use fake drivers licence, it is important to say NO  to the same if you don’t want to be in the curb of legal issues.

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