• Learning The Tips Of Samsung DIY Security Camera Systems

    Did you know that there are some Samsung Security Cameras systems that you do not need a technician to install for you? This is possible whether you have older or newer systems. RJ11e, RJ45, 1080P and 6 Pin Mini Din are some of the Samsung security camera systems that you can install all by yourself.


    Useful Features


    One of the Samsung security camera systems that you can install at home is the Samsung SDH-B3040. It has 4 BNC cables, remote, 4 cameras and DVR among others features. One reason you should install this camera system is how it allows you to watch the recording from wherever you are and at any time of the day or night. It detects tampering, has an alarm interface, different search and recording modes and has a hard disk overwrite option.


    High-Quality Resolution


    For home or property surveillance, resolution is very important and with 720p HD, quality is out of question. The recorded images are clear which comes in handy when investigating someone’s face or a license plate of an intruder. The high-quality resolution of Samsung SDH-B3040 boosts your sense of security knowing that an intruder can be identified with ease.


    Samsung SDH-B73045 Best Features


    The Samsung SDH-B73045 is another one of Samsung Security Cameras that have been designed with users in mind. It gives clear images, enough time for recording and they are easy to use. To customize the settings, you can opt for email alerts whenever there is motion in your property.


    Weatherproof Cameras


    Some weather conditions can be harsh to a point that using them is a challenge. The 4 dome cameras of Samsung SDH-B73045 are not only IP66 proof, but they are also dustproof and work comfortably in any type of weather. Whether you want security cameras for outdoors or indoors, this is a great option.


    High-Quality Images


    What is a camera for if it gives poor images?SDH-B73045 which is one of the most sought after Samsung security cameras give HD 1080P images that are clear. This is what has made them popular with many. At night when it is totally dark, this samsung security camera shows objects and detects motion about 50 feet away. Its night vision is quite powerful and exactly what you are looking for.


    Samsung security cameras are a choice that you cannot regret. Knowing that you can monitor your properties from wherever you are using your smartphone gives you more peace of mind. The night vision is up to 25 m, and they are weather resistant. One thing that can never be underestimated is how the cameras have been designed with the users’ in mind. As a user, you can get to see recorded and live images instantly with these cameras.

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