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  • When you are in the mood to have a lot of fun, pleasure and adventure, there is nothing better than desert safari. Yes, this is something will definitely give you a great help and support in having a stress buster holiday, you have ever had before. If you are in Dubai, this activity shouldn’t be missed out at all and you better move ahead to have a never ending fun.  

    When it comes to discover the beauty and customs of the desert on a 6-hour Dubai desert safari, you should believe on the best tour operator who can help you to full knowledge, protection and amazing ambience which you can’t forget at all.  Desert Safari is all about to explore the desert by riding a camel, surf a sandboard down the Dubai sand dunes and just have a relaxing and exotic sun set. You will be taken to the camp side where you will find the best and amazing stuffs, including- get a henna tattoo, check out the folk dance, exotic belly dancing show, awesome food and everything else will be done under the stars. Just sit around the campfire and you will find everything at the same place, enough to give you a great peace of mind and happiness.

    Desert Safari Offers a lot to all the tourists and if you really want to enjoy your each and every moment to be here, better appoint the best guide, meet him at your Dubai hotel and just start your journey, which will be very amazing.  Talking about the main highlight of the tour, you will be taken to watch out very beautiful golden desert landscape, which will surely be awesome. Just explore it, enjoy and capture amazing photographs, which will definitely help you to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Later your guide will take you to the camel farm in the heart of the desert and just pic up the one and go for a perfect desert ride.

    Evening Desert Safari Dubai will surely make you vulnerable once you will try out the exhilarating sandboarding experience down the desert dunes. Yes, everything will be done in the best possible manner and you will definitely go back to your house in the thought to come back again for another great experience. If you just love having tattoo, this place is amazing as you will get henna tattoo on your hands, feet and anywhere else and just flaunt with it. Your safari will be ended once you will be a part of the delicious BBQ dinner under the Arabian stars and just enjoy watching belly dancing and other shows will be mesmerized.

    So, you better think about to join Morning Desert Safari Dubai by picking up right guide who can disclose you everything in advance, let you know the best deals, precautions and various others help and support to make your experience so amazing.


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