• Services C7 SEO Jacksonville FL Agency Offers

    C7 seo Jacksonville fl agency was created with one goal in mind– making sure that their clients have success with traffic and conversions on their websites. The C7 technicians get to do this by offering their expertise on using SEO to boost your ranking on searching tools such as Google.


    With their help, you will realize that your business is starting to get recognition as it opens up to new markets and in the end; your sales will gradually increase. There are no contracts to sign when it comes to C7 SEO Jacksonville FL agency since they are confident in the effectiveness of their services.


    That explains why many clients are always getting in touch with them because they deliver what they promise to deliver.


    The Importance of Having C7 Seo Jacksonville Fl Handle Your SEO


    In order for you to get the best results, then the best thing for you to do is hiring a top SEO agency that knows what they are doing. At C7 SEO Jacksonville FL agency, they have incredibly skilled technicians who will find the most effective but rarely used keywords and use them to get your business a boost in Google ranking.


    They will also offer you invaluable advice on the trending marketing tips you can use to get ahead of your competition. In addition to that, the C7 expects will deliver monthly reports on progress and will get to fill you in on what is happening.


    They can also help with the graphics and management of your website. The latter will ensure that potential clients visiting your site are not only comfortable and satisfied but are also making the necessary conversions. Visit their official C7 seo Jacksonville fl website today and get to pick out the most effective price package today and start benefiting.


    All About C7 Seo Jacksonville Fl Agency’s Pricing

    C7 seo Jacksonville fl agencies don’t tie their clients down with contracts and what not, all they do is giving their clients the best services that they don’t even think about leaving any time soon. For their pricing, C7 seo Jacksonville fl agency has four tiers, each costing differently as they have different packages.


    Tier 1 cost $1500 a month and contains the following packages: 3-4 blog posts, keyword analysis, 20 core keywords, competition analysis, monthly analytics reporting and provision of social media channels.


    Tier 2 costs $1000 a month with the difference from Tier 1 being that they offer 15 core keywords and 2-3 blog posts. Tier 3 (which has the best value) costs $750 a month, and its difference to the Tier 1 is the 10 core keywords and 2-3 blog posts.


    Finally, Tier 4 costs $450 per month, and it offers 6 core keywords and 1-2 blog posts. The rest of the Tiers have the same kind of services only difference is in the number of blog posts and core keywords. You should, therefore, pick a Tier that befits your budget and is, therefore, the most convenient to you. 

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