For the past few years, Sherman has established a relationship with Spoleto Festival USA, acting as a sponsor fora festival event each year. Spoleto Festival USA brings so much culture and artistic inspiration to the Charleston community. In return, the artists who share their talent take away the sense of memorable hospitality and community that Charleston offers.


    In 2016, Sherman sponsored Havana Rakatan, a stunning show that combined mambo, jazz, bolero, cha-cha-cha, son, salsa and rumba together to give audiences a “slice of Havana life”. The show took viewers on a tour of Cuban dance throughout the centuries. The performance incorporated flamenco brought to the country by Spanish settlers in the 15th century, tribal dances of West-African slaves and high-octane routines popular in Havana dance halls in the 1920s to 1950s. The show was choreographed by Cuban choreographer, Nilda Guerra.


    In 2017, Sherman looks forward to sponsoring another colorful, high-energy show for Spoleto Festival USA.


    In addition to the annual event sponsorship, Sherman and Spoleto also work together to coordinate with select Spoleto artists to put on aspecial show, exclusively for Meeting Street Academy students.


    Spoleto Festival USA staff work to confirm which artists will be the perfect match for an event with Meeting Street Academy. The idea is to expose students to the art and culture that Spoleto brings to the city of Charleston. It is also a chance to introduce Meeting Street Academy students to opera, puppetry, ballet or other performance art that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

    In 2016, Meeting Street Academy students had the opportunity to attend part of an opera, The Little Match Girl, at the historic Dock Street Theater. Students had a sneak peak of the show before its community debut.


    Blind Summit Theatre director and puppeteer Mark Down, along with his team of puppeteers from London, held a Q & A session for Meeting Street students before the performance to help students understand their opera’s plot and technique. The artists utilized shadow puppets to tell the story of the Little Match Girl. After they performed a segment from their show, the crew answered more of the student’s questions about what they had seen. The artists made the comment that the experience was just as beneficial for them as it was for the students and even made a few changes to their show as a result of feedback they received from the students.


    This partnership with Spoleto on behalf of Meeting Street Academy, makes Sherman’s sponsorship more meaningful. Planning is already in place for the May 2017 event.


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