• The Best Types Of Water Purifiers



    The Best Types Of Water Purifiers


    Water is the most important thing for life. However, water, the source of all life, can also be a source of disease when it is contaminated by microbes and toxic substances. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you drink without impurities and contaminants.


    With the increasing risk of water contamination, water purifier has become indispensable for most households. Different methods of water filtration are applied to remove impurities and purify. Water purifiers commonly used in homes use reverse osmosis, activated carbon, cartridge filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, ceramic purifiers and ion exchange resins to remove contaminants.


    Types of water purifiers


    UV sterilization


    Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization is the most effective method for purifying water contaminated with bacteria and microbes. By destroying the bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites present in the water, the water becomes drinkable.


    Reverse osmosis


    Water filtration systems based on reverse osmosis are very versatile. It is a great option for removing dissolved salts and bacteria. Although the small pores of the semipermeable membrane of the filtration system are small enough to prevent most bacteria from passing through, purifiering failures, especially after prolonged use, can reduce the effectiveness of the water purifier. In general, additional treatment is required to remove any trace of contaminants and microbes from the water. The reverse osmosis-based filtration system can be quite expensive. Its powerful purifiering effect can also eliminate beneficial minerals.



    Activated carbon purifiers


    Carbon is a powerful natural absorbent. By absorbing contaminants, it helps to purify water. Activated carbon purifiers are suitable for removing chlorine and chemicals from water. Silver impregnation increases the capacity of activated carbon purifiers to eliminate bacteria. In general, activated carbon purifiers are combined with other filtration techniques to improve the purity of the water.


    Ceramic purifiers


    Ceramic purifiers built into water filtration systems remove suspended particles and bacteria from the water. They come with small pore sizes, usually less than 0.22 microns. To improve the filtration process, the activated carbon is integrated in the ceramic purifiers. However, ceramic purifiers work slowly, purifiering only a few liters a day. They can be cleaned and reused, so they are considered a less expensive option for purification.


    Ion exchange resins


    Ion exchange resins are generally associated with other water purification processes. It is applied in the last stage of water filtration to "polish" the water and make it as good as pure water. The columns of anions and cations in the filtration can be reused with an acidic and alkaline wash.


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