• The Difference Between Wood And Composite Decking Materials

    There are varieties of decking materials in the market today, and each one of them has its pros and cons. Composite Decking Materials have been an option for homeowners for various reasons. One of the most common decking materials is wood which is widely available and is natural. Wood has also been popularly not only with homeowners but also contractors.


    Composite Decking Materials Pros


    Composite decking materials are made from waste wood fibers and plastic. For these kind of materials, no painting or staining is needed as they are in pre-determined colors and they are a bit heavy than wood. They also do not splinter making them a great choice for homeowners.


    Composite Decking Materials Cons


    Various issues have been reported in regards to composite Decking Materials. This is not an option for those on a budget as they tend to be expensive, they are not stiff, and they are heavy. They are demanding when it comes to maintaining since to prevent mildew, regular scrubbing is needed. If they are not installed properly, bumps can form on the screw heads although this can be prevented. As temperature changes, the composite decking materials move, they also warp as time goes by, they sag and scratch with ease.


    Wood Decking


    Wood is natural and durable. Wood is great in all types of furniture and makes a good decking material for many reasons. In fact, the benefits of using wood in decks surpass the few known disadvantages.


    Advantages of Wood Decking

    What makes wood one of the most sought after decking materials is how it feels underfoot. It is very comfortable even when you are walking barefooted. Before the wood matures, the trees are grown in a sustainable forest and harvested safely. To boost the longevity of the wood decking and railing, some pressure and heat treatment is done. With this, your deck will last for years to come, and you will love the look. Any color stain can be used on wood.


    To add a touch of class to your deck, everything from the floor to the stairs, treads, exterior railings and stair stringers should be made from wood. All these complement the looks of a wood decking. This combination has been popular due to its prepossessing looks. Premier decking lumber has all the advantages that contractors and home owners are looking for.

    Although composite decking materials are beautiful, premier deck lumber turns out to be more appealing and durable. When creating a new wood deck, you can complement the look by adding premier deck lumber which accentuates its beauty. When planning to have a new deck in your home, wood makes the best option.


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