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    Jordan has been one of the most visited countries in the middle east. Many people want to visit Jordan in both low and high seasons because of sensible reasons. There are many things to do in Jordan. Listing it one by one can be very  long in this page. However, we’d like to compile some of the best attractions so that you will just need to focus on them if you want to get unique holiday vacations these days.

    The good thing here is that most of the attractions in Jordan can be enjoyed by family with kids. So, what are they? Let’s see this amazing list.

    Petra Kitchen Classes

    Interested in learning about how to cook the unique Jordanian foods? At the entrance of the Wadi Musa, there is the place called Petra Kitchen. This place offers the classes to be joined by the travelers to learn the home cooking of Jordan. Here you will learn basic meals lessons which are instructed by the Jordanian chef. What can be better than learning to cook something from the originating place? You will learn to cook some delicious meals which are the Jordan specialty. You will never leave your stomach empty. After cooking, you will be rewarded by the delicious foods you’ve made it to make. You can also enjoy the meals with your peers. It is definitely one of the best Jordan tours that you should try with your family or friends.


    Dead Sea

    One of the most exquisite tours in Jordan is swimming in the Dead Sea. It is the dead sea contains high mineral. You will cover all over your body with the mud and the water. Make sure to hold your nose to prevent the water coming in your respiratory system since it won’t be good if it is in. Since it has such high mineral and salt, you can float in the sea without having to do certain tricks of swimming. If you are not able to swim, you can be confident to swim in this. You can end up floating on your bum although you can’t swim at all.


    Dana Biosphere Reserve

    Dana Biosphere Reserve is very popular because of the beauty of the desert. It is one of the best locations in the Jordan tourism. Although it is deserted, it offers the visitors the greeneries. Nature lovers, explorers, adventurers, and many kinds of travelers will love this place. Finishing this area for a day is probably not enough for you and your entourage. If it is so, you could book a room in lodges or homestays. There are some which are much affordable for large party.

    Ma'in hot springs

    These are the desert oases which are the perfect way to rejuvenate and recreate. The hot springs are believed to be healthy for all the users. The water is distributed from pool to pool in this hot spring. The area is surrounded by the red rocks, which add more value to the nature views.

    Wadi Rum

    It is a great place to enjoy the unique attraction in Jordan. This place is rich in natural aspects. The canyons, desert are the most point of this tourism object. In Wadi Rum, you will have the chance to take a hot air balloon flight to take off. From there, you and your entourage can get the bird’s eye view of Wadi Rum.


    Luang Prabang

    Luang Prabang is in Petra. It is exquisite and beautiful. The good thing here is that you can camp inside the caves and enjoy your experience to get closer to the nature. You can actually choose whether you want to take  a tour in day or night. The day tour can end up at 8:30 pm. Meanwhile, the night travelers will have special tours after 8:30. Trust us, the views of the Luang Prabang in the night is very fantastic. You can visit all the time, of course.

    Roman Streets

    Even you and your entourage can walk around the Roman streets to enjoy your time in Jordan. Pompeii is  a well-known roman city in the world. But you can’t overlook what the Jerash offers. The Jerash is the ancient city which has been preserved.It was hidden by the sand until 70 years ago. You will find yourself travelling back to the past time when the city still existed.


    Amman is the capital city of Jordan. This is where the vibrant of Jordan will wow you and your entourage. It is also where the olds meet news. It offers many things to do in Amman. So, what are the tourist attractions of this city? Let’s see them below.

    Jabal Al-Qala’a

    It is the highest hill where the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad left their stuff here. The area was known as Citadel. You can travel back in time to find the epic Temple of Hercules and Umayyad Palace. Down hill, you will see such fascinating Roman Theater.

    Amman Festivals

    Amman has been the center of festivals for years. Many tourists want to come to this city because of the epic festivals held many times in a year. The good thing here is that you can enjoy the festivals all year round. The King Hussein Park is the place which is used for Amman Summer Festival. If you are lucky enough and have perfect timing, you will enjoy the ample amount of entertainments including music, art, and dance. Not to mention that you could watch the graffiti utters at the Baladk Street Art Festival. There are dozens of festivals that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check Amman’s events calendar before going there.


    Amman offers tons of vendors with different kinds of specialty. The hawkers in Amman are warm and welcoming. They will love to offer you the jewelries, souvenirs, clothes, pictures, maps, antiques, toys, and many other stuff. Try the district Souk Al-bukharia. If you are looking for high end jewelries, you can find many specialties in Gold Souk.

    Amman Foods

    Pamper your appetite by tasting the best of the flavors in Amman. It is definitely the Amman Attraction that you don't want to miss. Take your time to try candied fruits, flaky baklava, authentic Jordan pastries, amongst the many things. The Jordanian and Levantine cuisines are the most selling in the area. You could also try the traditional Arab dishes such as falafel. Some fine dining experiences can also be found in some restaurants in Amman. Jabri Restaurant is one of the most recommended amongst them.

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