• Tips In Improving Your Skill In Web Design

    Trinidad and Tobago web designer is defined by more than just the technical skills; they will need to update themselves with the latest trend tips in the industry of online publishing.    For those who want to increase the engagement level of their site, they need to make sure that their web layout offers great UX and Usability.  Here are some tips on how you can improve your skills in Web Design.


    3 Tips to Improve Your Web Designing Skills


    Below are some trick, tips, and advice that you can use to create a stunning Web Design Trinidad And Tobago web designers can try these to elevate their skills into a higher level.


    1. Start Your Design by Using Gray Shade Then Gradually Add Colors


    If the web designer is creating wireframes before the visual design, they probably know the importance of starting with gray shade.  Start by turning the wireframe into grayscale then gradually add colors by introducing quality images and incorporating colors on particular design elements.  This way, you will be able to avoid overdesigning on your web design.  Trinidad and Tobago web designer can also add prominence on a particular element.


    2.  Add the Social Media Icon below the Web Page


    Adding the social media icon on the top of your web layout is like inviting them to leave your site.  You have done all the things that you need to do to get them to your site and adding the social media icon on the prominent location such as on the header may prompt them to leave.  Once people enter your site, you need them to stay to increase the engagement level of your site.  To do that, place the icon below your web design.  Trinidad and Tobago designers should understand that the goal of increasing your social media presence is to attract traffic to your site.  It should never be the other way around.


    3.  Remove the Slideshow


    Adding slideshow in the main page is a great way to introduce plenty of information to your audience.  However, people tend to stay less often on the website before the slideshow even start.  In most cases, the images and messages included in the slideshow are not relevant to the goal of your audience.  This means that it is time for you to ditch these slide shows on your Web Design Trinidad And Tobago web designers should focus on promoting one aspect of their website.  


    A continuous acquisition of new skills and tips will improve your web design.  Trinidad and Tobago web designers will understand that the amount of experience they have will not matter if they cannot keep up with the latest trend.  For added information about web design, c7Creative Caribbean can point you to the proper direction.

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