• Top 5 Cannabis Seeds That You Can Buy

    Owing to the diversity of taste, aroma and health benefits of the various cannabis species that are available, it is good to ensure that you get the best species that is going to offer the health and body effects that you are looking for. For over many years, cross-breeding has been done to yield new strains that offer typical health benefits to people. But what are the best Cannabis Seeds that you can buy? As the decision on which strain to buy lies on the kind of health benefits you are looking for, it’s good to know some of the top seed types so that you make the perfect choices.


    1.      AK-48 Nirvana Original


    This is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that is known for its quick finishing of up to only 48 days. It is good for the beginners who have not grown Cannabis seeds before because it thrives well in both outdoor and indoor environments. Its hard buds are tight and abundant. For those who are looking for a brand with penetrating aroma, insomnia elimination effect and pain alleviation effect, this is the perfect Cannabis Seeds to buy.


    2.      AK-48 Feminized Nirvana Original


    This is another Indica/ sativa hybrid that is known for its exceptional aroma and profound effects when used. It grows both indoor and outdoor and it has hard buds. The good thing with these types of Cannabis seeds is that you won’t need to remove the male plant in the plantation. It has a Euphoric, Relaxed and Happy effect plus it treats Stress, Depression and Insomnia, The longer, the growing period, the higher the taste and effect.


    3.      Blue Mystic Nirvana Original


    This is a very powerful species that is characterized by the blue hues that appear almost halfway to flowering stage. It grows well in indoor light and throughout its growing stages; the plant maintains a neutral aroma. It bears three kinds of flavors which are Berry, Blueberry and Woody aroma plus it has a tremendous number of health benefits including treatment of Stress, Depression and improving Appetite.


    4.      Bubblelicious Auto flower Nirvana Original


    This seed is a predominantly Indica cannabis seed that is known to have originated from Midwest, U.S.A. It is a strong and vigorous plant that has a sweet pink bubblegum taste. It grows perfectly both in the indoor and outdoor environment and it completes its flowering stage at 8 weeks of age. It is known to treat Stress, Depression and Insomnia effectively. Bubble seed is known to impose Euphoric, Relaxed, and Uplifted effects to the user.


    5.      Jock Horror Autoflower Nirvana Original


    This is a unique hybrid that was made from the combination of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze strains. It is, therefore, a citrusy and fresh smelling brand that energizes and makes people to become talkative.  It is also known to treat insomnia, pain, and depression. It does not have lot requirements when it comes to growing because it grows well both indoor and outdoor environment.


    Having seen the features of the above cannabis seeds, it is evident that the strains do well only in specific environments which are why you should choose the seed depending on where you are going to grow it and the effects that you want to get from the strain.

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