• What Is Click Gem?

    Click Gem is basically a new breakthrough to accept payment with multiple currencies. Not only between cryptocurrencies, Click Gem also opens the opportunities to exchange with the traditional currencies as well. That means you are able to exchange the cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies, and vice versa.

    This can be said as the breakthrough by far since only a few exchanges that allow these kinds of transaction amongst the users. Not to mention that they often do not work in certain currencies.

    Click Gem is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment network which is created for users who want to do the transaction without the third parties intervention. The third parties that we meant are banks or other financial institutions, as well as government.

    Obviously, the Click Game system is a peer to peer network. The focus is the decentralized financial payment in which the user can do a direct transaction with another user in the same ecosystem but using more flexible currencies. The “Peer to Peer” network will be the base of the ecosystem.

    That means there is no server for this network and this network is not provided by any medium. Instead, each computer has equal rights to be involved in the network which is called as “Peer”. Each computer will hold the role as a client and serves at the same time, or depending on the user's activities.

    The transfer process is straightforward and simple. The users can procure the transactions from anywhere, anytime in the world. Since it is “peer to peer”, there is no need to wait for a long time until the transaction is done. Not to mention that there is no third party will be involved between the two parties. In addition, the fee is also lower than the transfer fee of the banks. In most cases, the users will attain more benefits for this exchange. You will no longer need the intermediary to process the transaction.

    The other good thing about the Click Game platform is that the transaction will be safe and secure. It is also anonymous. For some folks, it is a setback because they can’t track the fund. But it benefits more to the users because they can use the anonymity to protect their privacy. As expected, you can use Click Gem Wallet to transfer the Click Game. The wallet application is available for mobile OS: iOS and Android.

    The Click Game coins are limited only 30 million coins for worldwide. If you see a good prospect in this platform, you should take action now.

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