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    Are you looking for the new traveling idea this 2018? You might have done enough with common tour destinations around the world. The thing is that you want to look for something different and contrast.  Consider these two exotic cities: Delhi and Dubai. There are a lot of things to do in these two respective cities and you won’t regret to check them.


    You will have many reasons to visit Delhi this year. No matter what season in your country right now, you can consider places to visit in delhi all season. Delhi has incredible nature views and landscapes. The government has been focusing the fund allocation to boost their infrastructure so that Delhi can become the no.1 tourist destination in Asia. Here we could brainstorm some amazing ideas to do in Delhi.

    Delhi is popular of its local street foods. Try Dilli-ki-Chaat, the delicacy in which you can treasure in your life. The chaat papdi is one of the most popular street food there. It is a fried wafer which has filling like chili, yoghurt, chickpeas, and potatoes. There are many kinds of chaat papdi that you can find in Delhi.

    Or, you can try something else, the golgappas. It is fired hollow dough filled with spicy potatoes and chickpeas. You can find many food stalls in Old Delhi. Some stalls open from morning to afternoon, some stalls open from afternoon to midnight. So, you will have plenty of time to try all the street foods in Old Delhi. Culinary is definitely one of the things to do in Delhi.

    A trip through the Imperial hotel which is classic. It is the proof of the old days of the raj.  The unique architecture of the Imperial hotel is very stunning. If you are architecture lover, you will want to spend hours in this place to aspire the building and take as many photos as you can. Imperial Hotel has received thousands of positive feedbacks from the visitors. It is too good places to visit near delhi. 

    You may wonder about the iconic tourist places in delhi that you want to check one by one. Delhi, the capital of India has so much history. The city features an enormous amount of landscapes and cityscapes. The vibrant area features forts, monuments, and mosques which are the legacy of the Mughal rulers who once occupied the city.

    The contrast between new delhi and old delhi is significant enough so that you will want to explore both sides. There are many places to visit near delhi that you should not miss.

    Delhi is also a perfect destination for a family with kids. Tag along your family to visit the monuments in the Delhi. The most famous monument in Delhi is the Red Fort, which is a powerful reminder of the Mughal emperors who ruled India. What makes it incredible is its wall which stretches for over 1.2 miles to prevent the invaders enter.

    Then, you could visit the Jama Masjid. Jama Masjid is another jewel of the Old Delhi. It is counted as the largest mosque in India. It was finished to be built in 1650. The construction needed 13 years to finish. To enter the mosque, you will need to use the polite attire which covers your head, legs, and shoulders. But don’t worry the place provides the tourists with it.

    As mentioned, Delhi is a vibrant city. One of the most interesting structures is Akshardham temple. It is also the place for massive temple complex which was opened in 2005. This complex structure is filled with marble shrine, beautiful garden, sculptures and boat ride. You can spend half a day with your family there.

    The next one is Humayun’s Tomb. When you see this object, it looks like Taj Mahal. In fact, it was created thanks to the inspiration from the Taj Mahal’s creation. The tomb was built in 1570, and the resting place of the second Mughal emperor, Humayun.

    If you love a beautiful garden, besides Akshardham, you could also find the marvel in Delhi’s Lodi Gardens.The beautiful garden was built by British in 1936. This park is moderately crowded with locals doing daily activities. You will find joggers, yoga practitioners, singers, as well as tourists to enjoy the park.  There you have it in incredible india.

    Dubai has never been out of the radars of international visitors so that it should be at the highly ranked top destinations in the world. There are vast amount of places to visit in dubai for your holiday season in 2018. It is the vibrant city which is the incorporation of classic and modern.

    If you and your family are looking for the top things to do in dubai, you need to check out our recommendation below.

    The first thing you want to see in Dubai is its landmark. When it comes to this, you can’t go wrong with Burj Khalifa. It is the most renowned landmark. It raises beautifly in the desert, measured as the tallest building in Dubai, and the world. At The Top is the part of the building that you will want to visit. Placed in the 125 and 148, this provides the full view of the city from the vantage point. Imagine looking the surrounding of Dubai in the eyes of the sky.

    The next thing that you want to experience with your family is to visit the Sahara Desert Resort. Of course, there is no complete Dubai trip without experiencing the royal desert safari. The desert is not as sad as you see in the movie. Well, the actors are desperately trying the ways because they don’t have transportation and guide.

    Meanwhile, you can climb aboard with the Hummer H2 or Land Cruiser to experience the sand dunes. Once in the desert, you will explore the surroundings with the camel ride. If you haven’t experienced this before, you don’t need to worry. The guide and instructor will teach and accompany you on the camel ride.

    If you and your family are done with the heat of the desert, you could take refreshment in the Aquaventure Waterpark on Atlantis The Palm. It is a great resort in the center of the manmade island. It is the only place where you can access the water tunnel while sharks and stingrays swim above you and your family. Aquaventure also has some private beach which you can visit for sunbathing, relaxing, and playing on the beach with your kids.

    Now you know what to do in Dubai and Delhi, time to choose between the two. Happy Holiday!

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