• What You Need To Know About Austria Attractions

    Austria is one of the most recommended holiday destinations in Europe. This attracts a million tourists on yearly basis.

    The good thing about visiting Austria tourism is that you can visit the country all year-round, whether it is winter or summer. The winter is also as crowded as the summer holiday. The marvelous mountain regions have a lot of things to offer. So, if you are planning to go for Europe tourism, consider visiting Austria. You won’t regret it. 

    All visitors will be wowed by the scenic beauty of the Alpine and great cities like Wien, Graz, and many more. Austria natural characteristic is dominated by the upland areas and high mountains. The first thing to be noticed is the River Danube which flows for around 350 km from the west to east. It is definitely something that you don’t want to miss in Austria.

    So, what are the places to visit in Austria?

    We’d like to start recommending you Graz.


    You may have never heard this city before. Well, it is fair since folks are more familiar with Vienna or Wien because of the capital status. Visiting Graz is one of the most recommended things to do in Austria because this city offers a lot of things that you may never see in other cities in Austria.


    So, what are the things to do in Graz, exactly? We are going to discuss it briefly here.

    The city of Graz is actually the incorporation of the classic and the modern. You will see the contrasts of the old and new Austria in this city. Here are the top attractions that you can enjoy in Graz.

    Kunsthaus Graz


    Kunsthaus is the icon of the city. It has the venue which is usually used for the exhibitions. Many people around the world come to this place for several purposes. Ones want to show their international and contemporary art, the other ones want to aspire the art collections from around the world.

    The Old Town

    The old Graz has such incredible tourism spot. It has the stunning architecture which was built in the medieval time. But some were also built by Italian Renaissance. The Old Town is also listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Ith has such compelling architectures that are not enough to enjoy for a day or two. In fact, you will want to extend your days in best hotels

    if you are the true art and architectural lover. The old town is also living and breathing. You can find many shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as galleries.  When you think about what to do in Graz, visiting the Old Town is definitely a great idea.


    The Schlossberg


    One of the top places to visit in Graz

    is the Schlossberg. It is called as Castle Mountain because it is located on the mountain. It is definitely one of the best attractions in Graz city. When you enter the Schlossberg, you will be viewing the fascinating surrounding views. It is the landmark of the city. Nearby the structure, you could find restaurants which offer delicacies. The area surrounding the Schlossberg is also living well. Try the delicacies and wrap the things up with the Sauvignon Blanc.

    The Armory

    As the name suggests, you will witness the great armor and weapons preserved in the building. It is the good from the history of Austria. The armory is so stunning and thrilling. It would bring you back to the past time when Austria was still in the war.

    Eggenberg Palace


    This Baroque palace is definitely worth to visit if you love the architecture and art things. It is located to the west part of the Graz. The palace is great so that you could take half a day to conduct guided tour. The local guide will explain the history in a great way so that you will be preoccupied for some time. Not to mention the palace garden is a great spot to relax and enjoy. Tag along your family with kids there. It will be fun. There is also good cheap hotel to extend your stay if you think a day is not enough to visit the surrounding.


    Vienna Hofburg

    It is the name of Austria Imperial Palace. The Hofburg Palace has been there for centuries. It was the place for the Powerful Habsburgs.

    Now it is used by the President to do the business. It is not exaggerating to consider this palace as the most vibrant building ever since the architecture concepts are the blend of the Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, Rococo, and Classicism. The place features the big squares and gardens. The entire complex is 59 acres, making it too large to visit thoroughly in just one day.


    If you are looking for the most exquisite nature picture in Austria, it is definitely the place that you want to go. It is a great spot which you can explore since it has the most picturesque views, considered by many travelers. In Hallstatt, you should also visit Dachstein Salzkammergut region, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area has such amazing views of the surrounding.

    The Pilgrimage Church

    Whether you are Catholic or not, you can’t go wrong by visiting the Church of Maria Saal. The church focuses on the Gothic style, a great structure to aspire.


    It is the city where Mozart was born. Here you will be able to pay a visit to Getreidegasse no. 9. It is the house where Mozart was born in 1756. In Salzburg, you cannot miss the museum for Mozart called Mozart’s Birthplace. In this museum, you will be able to enjoy numerous old stuff like portraits, instruments, and mementos.

    Kitzbüheler Horn

    It is the summit that you should visit with your family since it offers one of the most astonishing natural views over Austria. The summit can be accessed via cableway or climbing. The choice is yours. But if you bring your family with kids, it is recommended to go with the cableway since it is safer that way.

    Burg Hochosterwitz

    It is the name of the castle in Austria which will make you stunned. The medieval castle was finished in around 860 AD. But it was expanded in 1570 when the Turkish invaders had spotted the Khevenhuller, the owner of the castle. But never get lost, it has remained owned by Khevenhuller family.

    There you have them: the top things to do in Austria.

    After knowing where to go with your family this holiday season, you could book a hotel right away to reserve your rooms. Good luck!


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