• When it comes to purchase and install high voltage switchgears and transformers for power plants and other various help and support, it is highly necessary to appoint the best manufacturer to meet our overall requirements, professionally. As it is a matter of investing a lot of money, time and efforts as well as if these power supply equipment are failed to work in a proper order, it may produce a great risk for the people who are working with the same. 

    That is why it is said to hire right company for getting high quality, reliable and guaranteed products and services, which must comply to the IEC, NEMA and SPLN standards. Why so? Well, then only we can identify that these products are safe to use and it won’t affect anything nor the lives of the people. If you are seeking for the right company for a perfect power supply products and services, you better know there is nothing better than hiring Pt Semesta Eltrindo Pura. This is one of the best and oldest companies of Indonesia and offers ultimate range of the products to meet one’s requirements in the safest and easiest manner. It is better to opt and if you don’t know anything about the same, it is a high time to know more about the valid reasons to opt the same as follows- 

    So, the prime reason to hire pt semesta eltrindo pura is – it has got years of experience in dealing with the products, like- medium switchgear to transformers and other 150KV and more equipment. Yes, it is the one of the oldest company, which is working day and night in order to meet their national and international power supply needs without any fail. Also, the professionals are running the company, all are highly trained, skilled and experienced and very well know how to meet the individuals’ and companies’ overall requirements without any compromise. Apart from this, you will get the best suggestions from the team time to time to upgrade and to try something new to improve your operations and production. In any case, if you find any confusion or something you unable to identify correctly, just talk to the professionals here and you will be able to make the best possible decision. 

    Also, it is important to know that, we can easily expect to have a wide range or almost all range of products and services, which are enough to meet your overall expectations. Get anything from medium voltage switchgear to low voltage products as well as it offers great services, like- purifying transformer oil, overhaul, repair and rewind of power and distribution transformers, testing and commissioning and various others. In addition to the same, you will be pushed to approach the same company as it offers everything in a cost-effective manner. Yes, you are most welcome to get an upfront quote and you will find it so reasonable than anything else. Also, it is the best to hire for safe and quick product and services delivery.    

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  • Looking for one of the best partners for medium voltage switchgear, and other products and services? Well, quality is must and that we can only get if we are with the reliable source like the suggested one. Before we talk more on the same, it is important to know that most of the operating or electrical appliances we use in different sectors, like- household, office, industrial and any other commercial location, work with the low voltage. And talking about the term called medium voltage is all about the voltages that are required for regional power distribution, which sometimes called a part of the high voltage range from 1kV Ac to 52 kV AC. 

    So, if you are expecting to have certain numbers of products, you better don’t forget moving up with the Pt Semesta Eltrindo Pura, which is known for offering high-quality products and services as well as celebrating over 35 years of service. It is one of the oldest and reliable company in Indonesia, which is approached by lots of other companies and industries in order to avail great products, including- high voltage to medium voltage switchgear, transformers, products to be used in the power plant, substation planning, and various others. Undoubtedly, the company has got great expertise in switchgear and control systems which remain at the forefront of the technology. 

    Surely, it is an experienced source which never forgets investing time and money in the research and development and always be in touch with the consulting engineers to produce something very unique in order to meet the unique and different requirements of the markets. With the best approaches, working methodologies and ultimate strategies, it has earned a commanding position in the market, which is incomparable. All the products the company is manufactured are always in compliance with the latest trends and techs along with the recommended standards- NEMA, IEC, SPLN, and others. As well as the products are manufactured to meet the individual customer’s requirements and they really enjoy working with the quality procedures and best strategies in order to ensure reliable, cost-effective and proven solutions. In addition to the same, they never forget to introduce modern design, administration, and manufacturing facilities so that all the customized or specified orders can be completed on time and they can assure to have excellent logistical benefits. 

    When we talk about customer satisfaction, it is important to know that the professionals here manage every process in the house from concept design and other terminologies and this way they can easily expect managing every aspect of any contract. As the known company of Indonesia, it never fails in providing a high level of products and services in a prompt and efficient manner and everything is done as per the standards of the industry's leading governing bodies. The company is also known for having proven global client base which comprises some of the best and well-renowned companies. So, if you are looking for wide range of products and services related to power supply needs, you better opt pt semesta eltrindo pura as it offers great services that have been recognized as being one of the most dependable and professional in the market.

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  • It’s not like doing a CPR for your skin cell to revive your youthful glow, it’s going beyond your traditional skin regimens!


    Introducing USANA Celavive, the skincare product that nourish, protect, and renew your body’s age-defying power in just 30 minutes! Its prime ingredient called Incelligence aims to simplify skincare for you. As the brand promises an instant visible effect in reactivating skin cells, it also highlights the importance of mandatory skincare regardless the gender and age.


    Know USANA Celavive products before you can have them on hand this coming February:




    It’s a sin to proceed to the next step if cleansing was skipped. Remember that our skin is always exposed to heat and dirt, so cleansing must be applied first to avoid unwanted skin irritations.


    To maintain a healthy and hygienic feature all day and all night, Celavive’s Creamy Foam Cleanser and Gentle Milk Cleanser is preferable for your oily, dry or sensitive skin. A morning routine or a last touch before going to bed can help you look fresh before even starting the day.




    The Perfecting Toner is as perfect at it sounds in purifying your complexion and uneven skin tones. Toning provides an extra hygienic feature for your skin and minimizes the appearance of acnes.




    Enhancing, conditioning, and maintaining a healthier skin slows down aging. Celavive’s Vitalizing Serum has the most potent incelligence specialized for your facial discoloration, fine lines, and pigmentation. For your puffy eyes with dark circles, however, the Hydrating Eye Essence is also available.




    As we are always exposed to sunlight, chances are high for our skin to be damaged and dry.

    Protective Day Cream SPF 30 and Protective Day Lotion SPF 30 are the perfect fit for a long lasting skin hydration. Now, to maintain cell functions in hydrating your skin during your sleep, apply a last touch treatment of Replenishing Night Cream.

    Choosing a skincare line is very important as it helps you keep your skin healthy. But what matters most is your awareness of the responsibility to engage in a healthier lifestyle. It’s more than just physical appearances it’s the discipline you set for healthier skin deep beauty.


    USANA Celavive claimed that they will set a new standard in beauty and that will be experienced soon. To know more about beauty beyond skin deep, visit their website.


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  • What can make you a successful person is your career choice? But before going further into your career path, you will need to conduct your Entry Level Careers first. And before going further, you will need to sometimes to opt the best careers for you. In some cases, you might even need to join with the company’s Internships program to start your career on the right path.

    So, how to choose the right Entry Level Resumes properly? Here we are going to share you some easy tips. Without further ado, let’s just start it.

    You need to assess your work style first. When you recognize your working style, you will be able to pinpoint the most accurate career for you. Do you believe to achieve your financial goal by yourself or with the team? Do you prefer to follow other ideas or stick to your own ideas to make more money? Do you usually make a strategy and invite folks to follow you? You see, the kind of work style will determine what you are going to do in the career path.

    Second thing, you need to know your talents. When you have the talents, you can turn them into a career. Or, if you are not really sure about these talents, make sure you do have the passion for the specific niches. If you do something you like, you will have a long-lasting career.

    Of course, you will need to decide your financial goals when choosing your career path. Your goals should be signed with the career that you choose so that you won’t be stressed when there are some barriers intervening your objectives. Well, some errors might be inevitable, but you can get up easily when you do what you are passionate about.

    Before applying for any job, you should also assess your social needs. There is no point in working the job that will sacrifice your whole life. Or, in other cases, you need to find the job which is suitable for your social skills. For instance, you are an introvert person. You might be convenient to be working behind the scene. So, you will want to make money from the jobs that make you convenient. Meanwhile, if you are extrovert, you may want to choose a career which encourages you to meet new people on daily basis.

    If necessary, you could hire career adviser to suggest you different professions which are suitable for you. Last but not least, be patient and be vigilant. There is no need to rush. If you need the job urgently, consider doing the part-time job or working in the profession which will not bind you with a yearly contract. This is to give you more freedom to choose other jobs in case you are not convenient to the current entry level careers.

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  • You may have heard about ICO many times. For those who do not know, ICO has been the biggest trend in the cryptocurrency today. The ICO is the abbreviation of the Initial Coin Offering. If you are looking for profitable crypto investment, you could join with the ICO of the ClickGem.

    The idea of the ICO is to promote the pre-sale coins of a new cryptocurrency or token of a blockchain project. The project can be any niche which makes you interesting. The point is the ICO can be used by the creators as the instrument to raise funds for the development of their projects. In returns, the investors will receive the high profits if the project succeeds and is implemented well. In this case, it also works on ClickGem too.

    The creators offer the investors (your party) the units of new cryptocurrencies or crypto token, in this case, the ClickGem count in exchange against Bitcoins in the ClickGem project case. ICO is a bit new to cryptocurrency world. But since 2013, there have been many ICOs are used to raise the funds for the new projects like ClickGem. That is the solid proof that ClickGem ICON is also a promising one. The presale tokens or coins can be easily sold and traded in both internal and external exchanges if there is a demand for them. In this case, ClickGem has such high demands amongst the users. We have noticed such significant numbers of users who join with the ICOs.

    We still remember that back then Ethereum ICO had been successful. Just like Ethereum, ClickGem developers also use the ICO achievements to fund the development of their next project. With this turn, the ClickGem ICO can be beneficial for both parties. If you have been profiting from cryptocurrencies exchanges, you surely want to join with the ClickGem ICO. When it is actualized, the project can be a big and massive hit in the world of cryptocurrencies.

    The first ICO round of the ClickGem will be started in the middle of February. By far, we have been informed that the ClickGem limits only 30 million coins for worldwide. That means it can be pretty narrow in term of chances. Not to mention that the value will be increased from time to time.

    The Wallet of Clickgem can be accessed through many ways. The desktop wallet can be accessed from Windows, Linux, and Mac. The web wallet, on the other side, can be accessed from the official site which is clickgem.com. The mobile wallet is available for Android App and iOS app. So far we don’t have confirmation that it will come with Windows phone too.

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